Cantonal Banks

The 24 Cantonal Banks are modern, independent institutions that are required to be managed in accordance with proper business principles. They are either 100% or majority-owned by the cantons. Consequently, they differ from one another in their legal and organisational structure.

The history of the Cantonal Banks goes back more than a hundred years. They have been offering low-cost loans and secure investment opportunities since the 19th century. The individual Cantonal Banks operate primarily in the market of their home canton, where many of them are the market leaders.

The Cantonal Banks recognise their social and economic responsibility towards their customers, employees and sponsoring cantons. All the Cantonal Banks together account for around 30% of banking business in Switzerland and have a combined balance sheet total about 562 billion Swiss francs.

Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss Accounts

Annual reports

The latest annual reports of the 24 Cantonal Banks as PDF downloads.

Cash from any Cantonal Bank

Every Cantonal Bank also has a national presence through its membership of the Cantonal Banks Group. This has many advantages – not least for the Bank's customers. For instance, with around 1,600 Bancomat cash machines, the Cantonal Banks have an extensive network of ATMs in Switzerland. Customers can withdraw cash in Swiss francs free of charge throughout Switzerland at the ATMs of any Cantonal Bank. There is an agreement to that effect between the Banks setting out regulations governing this facility.

There is a similar agreement covering business done over the counter. For a small fee customers can pay in or withdraw cash throughout Switzerland at any Cantonal Bank.

The Cantonal Bank of your choice

The many and varied services and products offered by the Cantonal Banks can be individually tailored to your needs. Visit the website of your Cantonal Bank and find out about the wide range of products on offer.

Brand & Campaign

Under the slogan «Growing together», the Cantonal Banks are running a strong umbrella brand name campaign. Further info and the latest TV commercials.


Information on the Cantonal Banks and Network Partners and the world in which they operate can be found in the profiles, studies and publications.


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